What is JavaScript?

What is JavaScript?

Javascript is a language that can be used by professionals and beginners in website development and design. It is not necessary to compile it since the language works on the client side, browsers are responsible for interpreting these codes. Many people confuse Javascript with Java, but both languages ​​are different and have their own unique properties.
JavaScript has the advantage that it can be integrated into any web page, it can be executed without installing any other program, its main characteristic is that it is a platform-independent language. All kinds of programs can be created that can be run on any computer on the market: Linux, Windows, Apple, etc. Due to its characteristics it is also widely used for the Internet, in short, Javascript is an interpreter, it is a prototype-based language, while Java is more of an object-oriented language.

  1. What is JavaScript?
  2. How does Javascript come about?

What is JavaScript?

Javascript is a language with many possibilities that is used to create small programs that are then inserted into a web page, and larger programs that are much more complex object-oriented. With Javascript we can create different effects and interact with our users.
This language has several things, among other things, we can mention that it is a language based on actions with fewer restrictions, it is also a language that uses Windows and X-Windows systems, much of the programming in this language is focused on that Description of objects and the writing functions that react to mouse movements, openings, keystrokes, page views, etc.
It is important to note that there are two types of Javascript, on the one hand, the one that runs on the client, this is the Javascript itself, although technically it is called Navigator JavaScript. But there is also a Javascript that runs on the server, it's newer and it's called LiveWire Javascript.

How does Javascript come about?

Javascript was born out of the need to allow website authors to create pages that allow user interaction, as it was needed to create more complex websites. HTML only allowed you to create static pages where you could display styled text, but you needed to interact with it.
In the 1990s, Netscape created Livescript; Early versions of this language were primarily intended for small groups of web designers who did not need a compiler or who had no experience with object-oriented programming. As new versions of this language became available, new components were added that offered great potential to the language, but unfortunately this version only worked in the then latest version of Navigator.
In December 1995, Netscape and Sun Microsystems (the creator of the Java Language) after the common goal of jointly developing the project, this language was renamed Javascript again.
In response to the popularity of Javascript, Microsoft released its own scripting programming language, VBScript (a small version of Visual Basic).

In 1996, Microsoft was eager to compete with Javascript, so it released its language called Jscript, which was introduced in Internet Explorer browsers and, despite various criticisms of the Javascript language, is one of the most popular programming languages ​​for the Web.
Since browsers contain Javascript, we don't need a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to run them. Javascript is a technology that has survived for more than 10 years and is fundamental to the web, along with the standardization of the European Computer Manufacturers Association (ECMA) (later adopted by ISO) and W3C DOM, Javascript is used as the basis by many web developers for the next generation of dynamic client-side web applications.
Javascript standardization started in cooperation with ECMA in November 1996 in June 1997 and then also taken over by the "International Organization for Standardization" (ISO). The DOM for its acronym «Document Object Model» was developed to avoid incompatibilities.

What is JavaScript?
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