Softtek and The five companies in the United States that offer more Jobs to foreigners

  1. Why the career in Softtek?
  2. Softtek Facts
  3. Professional development
  4. American companies that hire foreigners are:

Founded in 1982 by a small group of entrepreneurs, Softtek began in Mexico, providing local IT services and is now a world leader in the next digital solutions. The first company to introduce the NORE model, Softtek helps 2000 global companies to develop digital resources in a fluid and constant manner, from ideation and construction to execution and evolution. His entrepreneurial impulse led him to operate in more than 20 countries and to have more than 15,000 professionals.

Why the career in Softtek?

  • Design your own career plan.
  • Solve the challenges with global impact.
  • Experience and innovation with new technologies are developing in a creative.
  • Inclusive and flexible environment, live the life of Softtek: advantages for you and your family , well-being and private life balance

Softtek Facts


An integrator of systems for the digital age.

  • Our goal

We create value thanks to technology for our customers, professionals and communities where we operate.


Digital adoption acceleration
Application portfolio transformation
Your transformation

Professional development

Softtek and The five companies in the United States that offer more Jobs to foreigners
  • Students and Newfounds

Learn industry gurus in high impact projects
Connection! We are one of the companies with the most training programs in the sector.
Driver your talent in a creative, inclusive and flexible space.

  • Experience

Directs global challenges and collaborates with high -level professionals.
Discuss your career! Enter the University of Softtek and try with future technologies.
Live Life Softtek: Take advantage of the advantages that guarantee your well and your family. Join our programs with the balance between life.

  • The elderly and the masters

Design your career in the world and senior management.
Your training continues with management and leadership programs.
Live Softtek life: access remuneration and advantages adapted to your career.

The United States, considered by many as the best country in the world, remain one of the largest attractions for migrants who are looking for an opportunity outside their nation. Without a doubt, being a job in the country of the North American is easy for people who come in search of work.

But working in this country is not as simple as it seems, because there are several necessary documents if you want to be a legal worker. The work visas are very important if you do not want to fall into illegality or exploitation of work. (Here you can save your CV and find work).

Softtek and The five companies in the United States that offer more Jobs to foreigners

In general, American companies are asking for workers from other parts of the world who have H-2B work visas, who meet non-agricultural workers, who do not need university degrees to work.

Foreigners can apply to gardening, construction, cleaning, hotel areas. Also as forestry workers, server, worker in a factory, animal caregiver, among others.

American companies that hire foreigners are:

  • Trident Sefoods Corporation. 3,712 jobs
  • Obi Seafoods, Inc. 2,706 jobs
  • Rotolo Consultants, Inc. 2,088 jobs
  • Progressive LLC solutions. 1,805 jobs
  • Silver Bay Seafoods, LLC. 1,650 jobs

People must keep in mind that the H-2B visa is only to work with the companies already mentioned and that it is illegal to change their job without notice to the authorities.

This is why the authorities created Visa H - 2, this allows people to be temporarily hired in different works, this measure has been implemented to make the deficit of workers in the country.

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