Download Minecraft 1.20 APK MEDIAFIRE

Download Minecraft 1.20 APK MEDIAFIRE

Depending on the platform that plays in Minecraft, you can access the camel, waiting panels, a CHR and bamboo wood in an instant Java or a vision of the visualization of rock / beta. I have never used this function before? No problem! Guie -O via the process for each platform here.

Remember that all these versions are initial, which means that Minecraft continues to work on it before publishing them in the main game. Whatever platform you choose. Let's take a look at what Minecraft 1.20 has reserved for you. The camel disappeared, then ran and then resumed at Minecraft, with the speed that only corresponds to the creature with such high legs. Like most crowds, you can try to increase it. You can also compensate, but the weather is too big: there is enough room for you and a friend!

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Minecraft 1.20 Features

Another functionality ready to test is the suspended panels. Using any type of wood, you can put them below or on the side of the blocks. I tried to write a love letter to the camel in mine, but the genre of gender does not seem to know how to read. In no case, my plea of ​​friendship ignores!

Unfortunately for my dear camel, I can also write epic poems and save them all in the calm shelf, as well as my enchanted feathers and books. In addition, because I do not want to be accused of being the type of writer who keeps "intellectual books" just for the show. Don't look too close, let's go.

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Download Minecraft

Download Minecraft 1.20 APK MEDIAFIRE

Bamboo Wood at Minecraft 1.20

The fourth and last characteristic of this tour is the wooden game in bamboo. I have always loved these beautiful trees and now I can finally make my admiration known with bamboo buildings! Like other types of wood, you can create things like tiles and stairs, but bamboo also offers mosaics perfect for the floor and a charming ferry. To explore all these new features, all you have to do is download the snapshot of Java or the beta / view version.


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