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What is MySQL?

When it comes to programming it is practically inevitable to work with some kind of database management system, every program we imagine has to store data somewhere sooner or later, at least to be able to save the list of authorized users, their files and properties, which is the most widely used relational database management system today because it is based on open source.
Originally developed by MySQL AB, it was acquired by Sun MicroSystems in 2008, and was in turn bought in 2010 by Oracle Corporation, which already had its own InnoDB engine. for MySQL. MySQL is a database management system that has a dual license, on the one hand it is open source, on the other hand it has a commercial version managed by the company Oracle, Enterprise, for which companies that want to integrate it into their own products or those who develop additional products or services, such as official supervision and technical support.

Main features of MySQL

MySQL has some advantages that make it very interesting for developers. The most obvious is that it works with relational databases, that is, it uses multiple tables that are linked to each other to store and properly organize the information. It is based on easily accessible open source code and the vast majority of programmers working in web development have used MySQL in some of their projects because, being widespread, it also has a large community that offers support to other users.