BTS Jungkook Covers Chainsaw Man Theme Song VIDEO

The Chainsaw man was easily one of the new largest animated series that arrived last year, with the first twelve episodes of adaptation which lead the world to aggression not only thanks to tragic history about Denji, but with aesthetic and mechanical melodies that they were covered in the television program. If popular has the theme of opening the series, Kick Back by artist Kenshi Yonezu, who drew the attention of an important musician when Jungkook of K-Pop BTS took the opportunity to cover the rhythm.

BTS Jungkook Covers Chainsaw Man Theme Song VIDEO

While each episode of the first season of the man of the chainsaw saw the problem of retirement in individual deliveries, each final theme was different, which generally reflected the bloody events which had occurred in the half adventures. BTS, the Group of Popular K-Pop boys who also took the world for the assault, did not officially pass the bloody anime franchise, although it is clear that Jungkook Artist is a fan of the dynamic soundtrack. Anime fans waiting for an advertisement for the second season to adapt to the Mappa study, BTS can have a kind of hand to create a melody for the next episodes, although nothing is confirmed for the moment.


In a recent live broadcast, a fan can capture Jungkook's opinion on the popular theme of Chainsaw Man, giving opening music his own style which helped increase the BTS music lists in the start of the group K-POP:

This coverage outing is a good time because the new BTS film, "BTS Atto Back" is currently playing in theaters for a limited release, from this week on February 1 and ending with 5, with an official description of reading of the film also similar:

"Join RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jung Kook in this special cinema, reprinted and recalled for the big screen. Look at the new angles of the foreground and a completely new view of the whole series, BTS until 'To come Busan. With successful songs from the whole group race, notably "Dynamite", "Butter" and "Idol", as well as the first concert "Run BTS", presentation of the group's latest album test. -You in theaters in theaters. In the whole world, in this period of celebration. Let's share! "