How to Transfer Server in Free Fire

Currently it is possible to Transfer Server in Free Fire but not an official part of Garena, the company assures that at the moment they do not think about changing the location of the servers, unless it is a special case and they feel obliged to do so, but they do not Don't worry, since there is a method that allows you to change the region in Free Fire in a simple and fast way.

A casual gamer may not need to transfer server, but for a more ambitious user changing server can be very interesting. Free Fire divides its servers by region, which makes it impossible for players from Europe, for example, to compete with other regions such as the United States or Asia, where the highest level of play is likely to be located, for many players this would be an opportunity perfect to raise the level of competition in Free Fire.

How to transfer server in Free Fire?

Everything is based on changing the location of our IP address to simulate that we are in that area but without being physically there, since Free Fire does not officially allow it. This is solved if you use applications that modify the VPN of the terminal, for example, Turbo VPN, Hola Free VPN and the like.
The first thing that is recommended is to download these applications through the Play Store to avoid any kind of inconvenience.

These VPN applications are quite simple, if you do not have experience handling this type of application, we will explain how it works. If we download any application to change our Free Fire server from the Google Play Store, we must then press the "Connect" button, what this will do is change our geographical area and it can be done automatically or manually.

There is a limited amount of different countries to choose from, it is recommended to choose the country with the closest region so that you have a better ping in Free Fire. Once this is done, just launch Free Fire and start playing, inside you can match and compete with rivals from other parts of the world.

Transfer Server without using VPN

Apart from using the apps we mentioned before, there is another option to transfer server in Free Fire. It is practically the same simple method, we just have to write a message to the official Garena page. In this letter we will ask you to transfer the server and you must provide the reasons why you want to transfer the server in Free Fire, as well as the server you want to change to.

This method leaves a big consequence and that is that once the server is changed in this way, you can no longer go back to your previous server, and worse still, it does not allow you to use other VPNs to be able to play in other servers.
In the long run this method can bring more problems than benefits, it is better to choose to use a VPN application, since it allows you to play in different servers.