Subway Surfers Online Free for Android

Subway Surfers is a platform game in which we will have to escape the police through a dangerous station through which trains pass at full speed. It is an endless corridor with a colorful visual style, where the game will end when we have reached and the right agent took us. But nothing happens; With a touch on the screen, we will start running again in a new and exciting game.

Download Subway Surfers Online Free for Android

Unlike other classics of the genre, in subway surfers, we will not treat our character with the accelerometer, but we will have three tracks to move our protagonist slipping our finger on the screen. We will also jump and drive on the ground to avoid obstacles vertically. The most interesting capacity of the game appears when the screen plays twice: we will climb our roller board for a limited period where we can pass a blow without falling.

Not only will we have to run until the end, but our adventures on Subway surfers want to collect pieces and know the missions to continue to increase our score. To extend these games, we will use the different uses of power, distributed on the scene that will help us in many ways: skipper, cross the sky at high speed or automatically collect the pieces of any track.

Thanks to the pieces we collect, we can also unlock new objects, characters and skateboard tables that have various skills. Power-ups will improve their conditions by investing coins, so we will have to try to collect them all the time as we avoid obstacles.

Download Subway Surfers Online Free for Android

Subway Surfers is a very fun game which, with its simplicity, will hold on the screen for hours. This is a constant update title in which we can try to win the records of our friends, which we can consult on the Internet.


  • Slide with the seasonal gel hunt and unlock Elf Jake and the new snow cloud table!
  • The Northern Post returns with the time attack of the relay: the extraterrestrial star Elf Yutani awaits you at the end.
  • Elf Fresh is also ready to join your team: Gather parts of events and unlock it!
  • Open all the fantastic gifts and you can even get a festive peak on the festive calendar.

There are currently hundreds of games available for mobile devices. This type of video game has become the most popular for users and developers for great advantages that they can bring with little investment.

After all, no wonder that subway surfers can enjoy our phone at any time. If we are trapped in traffic, on the bank or that we want to kill time, we can always trust to have fun and have fun.

Hundreds of mobile video games appear every year, but most of them end up forgetting just after leaving and passing without penalty or glory by Google Play Store. But some have been on the market for over 10 years and which remain very popular like subway surfers.

They may not have the same number of players as when they were fashionable, but have a faithful base of players who are always active, and new ones that come together. Games like Clash of Royale, Plants VS Zombies or Angry Birds are a good example.

Simple but addictive

Download Subway Surfers Online Free for Android

With an incredibly addictive gameplay, it is not surprising that this game has more than a billion downloads only on Google Play. Millions of players love the game and have stayed at the top of the ranking over the years.

So what is the secret of this? Do you have a complex and meticulously developed gameplay to obtain it? Do not. The game is a simple and endless corridor, where you must escape a police pursuit after placing a graffiti in the metro. In this game, you automatically perform like in Temple Run. But unlike the temple race, obstacles are linked to the metro, such as trains, walls, cones, etc.

You must also collect currencies and amplifiers to give a temporary advantage in the game. The goal of the game is simple, try to do everything you can! But it is not that simple. As you work, the pace gradually increases until it is too fast for you. This is what makes this game so addictive, because you try to beat your album and others in the world. Do you think you have what to be the best corridor?

Subway surfers main features

Subway Surfers has much more to offer than an endless race. After all, I could not have achieved such great success if it was not for its captivating features! So what differentiates this game of so many imitators? Let's see:

  • Several characters - At the start of the game, you can only play with the main protagonist: Jake. Jake is a big but mischievous who usually has problems. In this game, he and his friends try to have fun and escape the authorities. Your friends are complicated, fresh, tips, yutani, French, frizzy and more. Gather them to get different types of game styles and costumes.
  • Friendly controls - another aspect of this game which has contributed to its success is the ease of controls. Like most endless corridors, you have nothing to press to speed up. Just slide your finger to the left, right, from top to bottom to maneuver your character. You just need to press the screen twice to activate your intensifyingists. It's easy it's!
  • Many power-ups that make an even more fun game is the presence of boosters. These are limited objects that offer a particular advantage when you use them. In this game, you can use a lot throughout the race. You can get shoes that will allow you to run faster. Or the magnet, which will allow you to automatically collect all the currencies of your environment for a period of time. But perhaps one of all is Jetpack which allows you to fly to the sky and also collect parts and boosters.
  • Impressive charts - Subway Surfers offers impressive 3D graphics at the time and remains just in front of most games. The characters are well designed to be charismatic, and the scenarios and the obstacles seem convincing. In addition, do we mention that the policeman who pursues him has a dog? It also looks realistic and scary. So do your best to leave them behind!
  • Several places - although the main theme of this game is the metro, the developers do a good job by changing the places from time to time. With each update, the counter site changes, as well as the main elements of the game. This allows the game not to be boring. In the current update, the game is defined in Paris.

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